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LA Speedo Tours

Enjoy Art? History? Architecture? Food? 

Nature? Urban Exploration?

Interested in touring LA and learning more about this fabulous city, but don’t want to go on a conventional tour with the masses?

Then join me for a rather unorthodox way of exploring the many neighborhoods in this sprawling megalopolis we call LA by signing up for a Speedo Tour! What’s a Speedo Tour you ask? Well, it’s basically what it sounds like, a Speedo and a tour. Each month I conduct a new and fascinating neighborhood walking tour in Los Angeles, but I do it in a Speedo.

 Why? You may ask. Why not? I respond. Anything goes in this city.

This is a lighthearted and fun way to learn about a new LA-area neighborhood each month, while getting a little exercise and getting a giggle out of your speedo-clad tour guide. Do you have to wear a speedo? No, of course not – BUT, you are more than welcome to (in fact, you’ll receive a 10% discount if you do!). Each tour offers a well-rounded dose of art, architecture, and history (as well as natural history, geology, geography, social landscapes and more!). Going on a Speedo Tour is a fun activity in Los Angeles for both residents and visitors alike! Each Speedo Tour takes place in a different part of the city and offers a distinct neighborhood or location-specific theme. Many of the tours include a food or beverage element to compliment the local experience. Some of the Speedo Tours are literally off the beaten path and include a hike through the Hollywood Hills or Santa Monica Mountains. What a great way to work on your fitness, and if you wear a Speedo like me, it’s a killer way to work on your tan!

If you live here, you’ll be surprised at what you didn’t know about your own city. 

If you’re visiting Los Angeles, you’ll have the opportunity to take an authentic, cultural glimpse into this multi-faceted city of wonder.