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Los Angeles Architecture Tours: Gehry Residence: Frank Gehry, 1978.

The Gehry Residence is a remodeled Dutch Colonial from the 1920's that Frank Gehry and his wife Berta purchased and occupied following the birth of their son Alejandro in 1977. The Gehry's had been living in the Ocean Park neighborhood of Santa Monica, but moved to the corner of 22nd and Washington streets, and although the salmon colored house was not their dream home, Frank Gehry transformed the Dutch Colonial into a deconstructivist icon. 

Berta encouraged Frank to use their residence for his architectural experimentation, and he proceeded to wrap the house in industrial materials. Corrugated metal, chain-link fencing, glass features, and plywood were used to enlarge the house by expanding further out onto the property, creating additional indoor space outside of the original house. Gehry knocked down walls and removed ceilings to alter the space, while retaining many of the home's original features, including the asphalt driveway which was used as the floor for a new kitchen. 

The Gehry Residence undoubtedly stirred up attention in its neighborhood of relatively conservative homes, and supposedly a discontented neighborhood would regularly bring his dog to relieve himself on the Gehry's lawn, however it was this project that ultimately brought Gehry renown and helped him to develop his own architectural style. 

The Gehry Residence is no longer occupied by the Gehry's, but remains a highly unusual structure in Santa Monica.  

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