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Los Angeles Architecture Tours: Los Angeles County Hall of Records: Richard Neutra and Robert Alexander, 1961-1962.


The Los Angeles County Hall of Records was designed by Richard Neutra in conjunction with Robert Alexander, and was built between 1961-1962. It is a rare example of a high rise by Neutra, who was best known for his residential architecture. The Hall of Records was initially conceived as two separate buildings for records and workers, but ultimately was combined into a single structure. In our internet-age, digital storage has deemed the physical record storage unnecessary, and the windowless, storage area is now occupied by Los Angeles County employees. Aluminum louvres on the exterior, much like those on Neutra’s own VDL Research House, were once adjustable and permitted various amounts of light into the interior.    


The Los Angeles County Hall of Records is located in the Los Angeles Civic Center in downtown Los Angeles.