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LA Speedo Tour: "Old LA Zoo" Tour and Griffith Park Hike

Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 9:30am

The "Old L.A. Zoo" opened in 1912, and as the name implies, was replaced by a new zoo in Griffith Park. Half a century has passed since the Old LA Zoo closed in 1966, but much of the original infrastructure of the zoo remains intact, and the area is used as a recreation and picnic area. The cages that once housed the animals look inhumane by contemporary standards, but the borderline eery setting provides an interesting backdrop for urban hiking and you get a glimpse of LA History. The cave-like structures at the entrance of the Old LA Zoo are often used as a filming location, as seen in their depiction of the San Diego Zoo in the movie Anchorman with Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate. After we tour the Old LA Zoo, the group will continue with an "intermediate" 60-minute hike up into the mountains for a little bit of exercise and natural history of LA.  

The hiking tour group will meet at the picnic tables just off of the parking lot near the Old LA Zoo at 9:30am for stretching and "hellos".

To find the parking lot, type in "Old L.A. Zoo" into Google Maps. There is no specific address for the parking lot other than "Griffith Park Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027", so it's important to type "Old L.A. Zoo" into Google Maps to find the precise meeting location, click on this link, I've already done it for you. 

Cost: Adults $10, Students $8

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