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Pudleaux Tourism offers an array of LA Architecture Tours and Sightseeing Tours.
Featuring the premiere Frank Lloyd Wright Tour in Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles Architecture Tours and Sightseeing Tours

Offering a variety of architectural tours and sightseeing tours, and even hiking tours of Los Angeles, Pudleaux Tourism is a tour brand that provides authentic and local tours for residents and visitors of LA, while promoting the ideals of responsible and sustainable tourism. Each LA tour offers a unique way to experience this vast metropolis and learn about Los Angeles' fascinating history. These architecture tours visit a medley of areas in and around Los Angeles, including: Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), Silver Lake, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Century City, Santa Monica, and Venice, to learn about the art, architecture, history and culture of this megacity we call LA

Custom and private tours of Los Angeles available year round. 

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Mini Frank Lloyd Wright Tour 

The Mini Frank Lloyd Wright Tour is a 60-minute walking tour that examines two of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings in Los Angeles: the Hollyhock House and the Ennis House. Guests enjoy a pleasant walk through Barnsdall Art Park to learn about the history of the Hollyhock House before heading up into the hills for an up close look at the Ennis House. On this walking tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture in Los Angeles, guests learn about the architectural philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright and about the architect's quest to develop an organic architecture for California. 

LA Frank Lloyd Wright Tour

The LA Frank Lloyd Wright Tour offers a comprehensive overview of Frank Lloyd Wright's Los Angeles-area architecture. This Los Angeles architecture tour examines five buildings designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, including the Hollyhock House (1921) in Hollywood, three of the architect's concrete textile-block houses of the 1920's, and a shopping center that Wright designed on Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive in the 1950's. In addition to showcasing Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture in Los Angeles, this private tour also surveys a number of structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's son, Lloyd Wright, including Lloyd Wright's Home & Studio. Guests enjoy this tour with the comfort of a private car service. 

Downtown LA Architecture Tour (DTLA Tour)

The Downtown LA Architecture Tour is a brilliant way to see the sights and sounds of Los Angeles. This 2-hour walking tour treks approximately 1.5 miles of downtown LA, and examines more than a century's worth of modern and historic architecture. Highlights include Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall (2003), a walk through the historic Bradbury Building (1893), and a ride on Angel's Flight (1901). This is the most comprehensive Los Angeles architecture tour that 2 hours can offer.

LA Highlights Tour

The LA Highlights Tour is a private tour for the traveler who wants to see all of the major tourist attractions in Los Angeles, as well as explore the most interesting and popular neighborhoods to visit in LA. Guests of this LA architecture tour are escorted by a private guide to explore and learn about all of the major areas in and around Los Angeles including: Downtown LA, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, Century City, Santa Monica, and Venice.  There are breathtaking views and photo ops galore. The "Hollywood" sign, Venice Canals, Griffith Observatory, and Pacific Ocean are just a few of the landmarks seen on this extensive architectural and historical tour of Los Angeles. 

WeHo/Beverly Hills Tour

Perhaps you knew that the Rodeo Drive area in Beverly Hills is defined by high end, luxury shopping, but did you know that some of the buildings that shelter these fashion houses were designed by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Meier? The WeHo/Beverly Hills Tour is a private tour that takes you in a private car (it's very private!) to see the major attractions and significant architectural and historical landmarks of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Architectural highlights include the Pacific Design Center and Schindler's Kings Road House in West Hollywood, and the Greystone mansion in Beverly Hills. 

Silver Lake Neutra Tour

This 60-minute walking tour takes guests through the Silver Lake neighborhood in Los Angeles to view a collection of 10 buildings designed by architect Richard Neutra, one of the early masters of the International Style. Representing the largest concentration of Neutra's architecture in the world, the "Colony of Neutra Houses"  or "Neutra Village" is set along the picturesque Silver Lake Reservoir and makes for a delightful walk through one of LA's coolest neighborhoods. On this LA architecture tour, guests learn about the architectural significance of Neutra's work and about the architect's design philosophy while seeing firsthand some of his most cutting edge buildings.

Century City Architecture Tour

The Century City Architecture Tour takes you through the architectural museum that is Century City, the other downtown LA. Built in the early 1960's on a portion of the Fox Studios backlot, Century City is a residential and business district of Los Angeles that is notable for its soaring skyscrapers in a city typically defined by horizontal sprawl. This planned development was an experiment in architecture and design for twentieth century Los Angeles, and most of the buildings are the works of world-renowned architects. On this 75-minute walking tour, guests see and learn about the history and architecture of Century City, with insight into how the city is redefining the urban landscape for life in the twenty-first century.